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Anti-Aging Light Technology
Backed by Science

Age better and feel better with clinically proven, NASA-developed light technology

Biohack Your Way To Better Health

Optimise Your Body’s Cell Functioning To Improve Your Health

Xen Phototherapy (or photobiomodulation therapy) is a natural light therapy that delivers therapeutic red and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths which power the body’s cells.

Light emitted from a Xen LED device stimulates a photochemical reaction within cells which can accelerate the natural healing process, resulting in a cascade of beneficial effects throughout the whole body.

Phototherapy has been used in medicine for decades. In the ’90s NASA used it to grow plants in space, increase the metabolism of human cells, accelerate wound healing, and reduce loss of bone and muscle in astronauts.

It does this by stimulating the mitochondria. Red and NIR light when absorbed into the skin can penetrate to a depth of about eight to 10 millimeters, at which point they stimulate and improve mitochondrial function within the cell which increases ATP production.

Increased ATP production (cellular energy) helps damaged cells absorb nutrients more quickly and eliminate toxins.

More cellular energy helps offset the aging process brought on by cell degeneration.

Multipurpose Xen LED

TGA-listed Xen LED utilises the latest style of LED technology and is able to deliver the highest intensity energy output of clinically proven wavelengths compared to other LED systems available on the market today.

Systemic Improvements Across The Whole Body

Irradiated Cells Are Energised And Function Better

The skin is the largest living organ in the human body; its cells are the primary target for phototherapy. More than 20% of our body’s blood is in the skin.

Xen Phototherapy is a holistic method of giving a health boost, since photo products that are absorbed by the skin get delivered systemically as blood rushes around the body carrying those photo products.

This has positive effects on cellular energy and multiple nervous system and metabolic processes.

The Science Of Healing

Specific wavelengths of light stimulate different responses in the skin

While prolonged exposure to UV light is harmful, red, blue and near-infrared light at controlled levels are clinically proven to be therapeutic.

NEAR-INFRARED acts on mitochondria in deep cells to stimulate ATP production and increase cellular and muscular energy
RED LIGHT acts on mitochondria in dermal cells to stimulate ATP production and increase the skin’s cellular energy
BLUE LIGHT controls the circadian rhythm in the brain, which in turn regulates different neurotransmitters and hormones. It also reacts with p.acnes bacteria to deliver a purifying anti-bacterial effect assisting with the treatment of acne
UV LIGHT allows our bodies to synthesise vitamin D from the sun
FAR-INFRARED has a thermic effect on our bodies which stimulates circulation and changes in cell function
Total Xen Full Body Photobiomodulation

Total Xen Full Body Photobiomodulation Therapy

Recharge Your Cellular Batteries

Cells Regenerate Up To 200% Faster

During Xen Phototherapy, specific red and NIR wavelengths penetrate the skin’s deepest layers to energise and rejuvenate the cells. Signaling molecules then stimulate growth factor production to increase cell proliferation and motility. This helps to promote extracellular matrix deposition and pro survival pathways. Cells that are energised can function better and can regenerate up to 200 percent faster. The result is healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Empower Your Cells. Boost Your Immunity.
Skin Health
Performance &
Weight Loss
Mental Acuity
Sleep Optimisation
Immune System

Learn the benefits of Xen Phototherapy on each body system

– Stimulates active hair growth by expanding follicles and promoting thickness
– Improves sleep quality by regulating circadian functions
– Promotes skin rejuvenation by increasing collagen production and tissue repair
– Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and scars
– Improves cellular and connective tissue health
– Strengthens hair and promotes skin elasticity
– Boosts circulation
– Protects red blood cells against oxidative stress
– Speeds recovery and muscle repair by stimulating the mitochondria and stem cells
– Alleviates pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow to damaged tissues
– Boosts the body’s antioxidant defenses
– Interacts with the pineal gland to increase fertility
– Stimulates the Leydig cells to naturally increase testosterone
– Relieves joint stiffness, soreness and pain
– Used for many years on sports injuries and neuropathic pain syndromes – Increases muscular strength and performance

Clinical Trial Results

Recent clinical trials showed highly promising results


Cells regenerate up to 200% faster

Number of published clinical papers

Average Treatment Time

Xen Series of Devices

TGA-listed multi-modality skin surface treatment systems and phototherapy systems

What Our Clients Say

I first met Trevor Neale early in my Plastic Surgical practice some 26 years ago when I purchased my first laser from him. Since then it has been my pleasure to know him both professionally and personally. He is an outstanding individual, honest and caring. He is knowledgeable in his understanding of Aesthetic Devices and listens in order to provide the very best solution for his clients’ requirements. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dr Malcolm Linsell
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

As a Cosmetic Surgeon and laser specialist since 1994 I am all too aware of the positives and negatives in this domain. I initially met Trevor Neal when he came to repair my lasers .Always courteous, very competent, honest and a pleasure to deal with. Initially I was very sorry to see Trevor give up his work as a technician. Thankfully the laser and IPL industry did not lose Trevor and he has been a beacon of knowledge and integrity to an otherwise variable industry. I trust Trevor and fully recommend him.

Dr Ashley Granot
Cosmetic Surgeon

I have been in business with Trevor Neale since long 2008 and have never been disappointed even from a single purchase. He helped me over when I was looking to secure my first unit of laser products and I have been happily buying from him since then. He is a very trustworthy source and helps me literally with every query that I have. He is my go-to person now when it comes to taking advice for any cosmetic equipment, and he has never let me stray down an uncharted path. He has always been the guiding light to me and I trust him with technical advice related to my business. I’m obliged, Trevor, for all that you have done to help me scale my business and I hope that we continue to cultivate our businesses together. He is my top recommendation for anyone out there looking to source cosmetic equipment.

Dr John Mahony
Peach Cosmetic Medicine

I write this on behalf of me along with all my staff who has been dealing with the equipment sourced from Trevor. With a partnership in business for well over 12 years and in these years we have also done business with a lot of people. However, what makes Trevor stand tall compared to them is his dedication towards customer satisfaction. He is the kind of person who you can trust with long-term associations. He has been extremely kind with his approach towards dealings and has quite a good number of experience. He has immense knowledge about the industry and can even guide you with your purchases. With him you don’t have to worry about being conned into buying the expensive products, he guides his clients exactly in the right direction. We lay our complete faith in Trevor and so should you.

Dr Grace Lin & Dr Neville Lee See
Kiora Medical Spas

Being a cosmetology physician since the 90s, I have profound experience dealing with manufacturers. Over a period of time, I have garnered the ability to identify trustworthy manufacturers and Trevor is one such individual. You should know that this is coming from someone who has been listening to countless pitches and attending millions of meetings for well over two decades now. I can say that I trust Trevor because he has been serving in the domain for quite a while now and has been in a successful business relationship with me since. Trevor is a very hard working individual and has been a trustworthy partner for not just me but his other clients as well. He is extremely helpful and helps with devices that are not even his. His opinion is something that holds great value to me and I recommend him to all doctors.

Frances Genovesi
Skin Room

I am an extremely happy long term client of Trevor from The Aesthetic Bureau. Having invested in the Dual Light IPL & Xen LED, these devices work all day long in my clinic delivering astounding results to my clients. I have chosen to invest with this company because of their non salesy approach, brilliant aftersales support and detailed training. We can perform treatments with confidence. Knowing that Trevor and his team are just a phone call away brings peace of mind, being in Perth it can be difficult to receive support (based on experience from other companies), however I have always received same day support with email or phone calls from Trevor. Rather than being greedy and treating you like a number, Trevor genuinely cares for your clinic and leads with honesty and integrity, he is a true professional with inspiring passion for our industry.

April Radalj
Sapphire Skin Studio